Top 10 Content Marketing Tactics to Avoid

There are many great content marketing tactics that can draw visitors to your website that’s promoting your product or service. However, content marketing not done correctly can have an adverse effect on your target audience, meaning you will not achieve your traffic and/or sales goals.

It is vitally important that your content is written in a professional, accurate and entertaining manner. The content on your blog or website should be written in a way that you capture your audience’s interest by providing valuable content.

content marketing tacticsMost visitors to your website can spot a sales pitch, so don’t waste your time with long, drawn out sales pages. A visitor wants to feel valued, not treated like a potential cash machine, which is why the information you provide is vital your website’s success.

True content marketing tactics don’t involve rushed, poorly-written content, simply designed to make the visitor click an affiliate link, or purchase something from your website.

Let’s take a look at my 10 top content marketing tactics to avoid:

1. Posting Articles on Article Directories: A few years ago one of the top content marketing tactics was to publish lots of articles on various article directories, just for the sole purpose of getting backlinks to your website. Google has now blacklisted many of these article directories, simply because the content was very poor, often duplicated, plus many directories allowed any type of content, which could be damaging to link back to your site. It is much more effective to contact blog owners in your niche that already have high-quality content and ask if they will accept a guest blog post with a relevant backlink to your website.

2. Not Writing with a Goal in Mind: When writing an article, plan it with a goal in mind. Your article must answer provide valuable information to the reader. Does your article answer a question? Are you providing help with a specific problem? Engage your reader and make them interested in returning to your website, not trying to make a quick sale to them.

3. Not Offering Anything to the Potential Customer: Avoid creating a blog or website where you don’t have anything of value to offer to the potential buyer. If your ultimate goal is to sell something, have something of use to offer, but don’t blatantly write sales pitches. You need to earn your visitors trust first.

4. Blogging JUST to sell: To reiterate my above points, do not just create a blog just to sell. You must offer valuable content, internet users have become savvy over the years and they can spot a sales pitch a mile away.

5. Not Encouraging Comments: Your visitors should be encouraged to participate in a discussion. Replying to comments will engage your visitors, so make sure you actively take the time to reply. Google loves to see people engaging in feedback.

6. Boring People with Useless Facts: Tell a story, provide experiences, and provide help and advice. Facts bore people, even people looking for facts are probably bored too!

7. Not Using the Latest Technology: Technology is designed to help make your life easier, even with your content marketing tactics. Don’t be frightened of recording a video, creating infographics, or photo-shopping your website graphics. Putting multi-media and graphics on your website makes it more interesting to the potential visitor, providing more traffic. There are so many free training courses online, you’re sure to find something. Alternatively, enroll in a course.

8. Not Using Social Media Platforms: You must avoid only posting content on your own website or blog. Social Media is huge, make sure you create at least a Facebook and Twitter account related to your website or blog. Additionally you can use Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, and many other social media sites. Why do this? Because you will generate more viral and natural organic traffic, building a following of people in your niche, potentially leading to more sales. Additionally, make sure you have social share buttons on every page of your website or blog.

9. Too Much SEO: Some people spend so much time on their search engine optimization that they forget they are writing for humans, not search engines. Whilst SEO is an important content marketing tactic, overusing keywords in your articles and over-optimization will prove detrimental to your marketing efforts. Your visitors want well-written content, not keyword stuffed pages written purely for the likes of Google (who can usually detected pages written solely for SEO purposes anyway).

10. Reusing Content: Your posts must be original, nobody wants to read old or re-hashed content. Unique up-to-date content is what people want to read, plus original content keeps the search engines happy too!

To summarize, your content marketing tactics must be dynamic and you must go with the flow as technology changes. Learn to captivate your audience with intelligent, well-written, thoroughly researched and informative content. You must engage your reader, not try a blatant sales pitch, or bore them with useless facts. Make sure your content serves a purpose, it answers someone’s question and fulfills a goal.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Content Marketing Tactics to Avoid

  1. You have some really great information here that anyone can benefit from. I think over all there is too many out there looking for the big pay day and tend to forget that it’s the people reading your content that are your potential customers. Customer satisfaction should be the number one goal. And by customer satisfaction I mean, quality content, like you say, people want to gain something from your content, not just another sales pitch.

    • Hi, thank you for the great feedback, I really appreciate it. You are correct, most people are just looking for a quick payday and soon get disillusioned when it doesn’t happen, not realising it’s because their content is not engaging the visitors. Cheers, Mark.

  2. Great post. You’re quite right i think a lot of people start up their own website/blog hoping to make a quick buck. The reality is you have to put the work in and more importantly you have to think of your customer base first.

    • Thank you. I think that’s why so many people fail in affiliate marketing. If you started a traditional off-line business you make an effort to build up the business from nothing, have a business plan and long-term goals. If people approach affiliate marketing with the same long term goals, planning and effort, a lot more people would be successful. Cheers, Mark

  3. Rehashing old ideas could be boring I agree, but has there ever been any new ideas? I think being subtle and giving old ideas new twists will make the search engines happy

    • Hi, yes I agree, re-writing content to be unique and from a new twist or angle is great. I’m talking more about taking existing content and just changing a few words or a title, or republishing someone else’s article. This is not good practice. You want the overall tone of your website to be of a high quality, rather than a mixture of unique and re-published duplicate content. Cheers, Mark.

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