A Guide to the Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training

I have been actively doing online marketing since 2008 and in that time I can honestly say that there are only two websites that offer the best free affiliate marketing training, without a catch. I’m still an active member of these 2 websites today.

what is the best free affiliate marketing training?
The best free affiliate marketing training is…

In those 7 years of doing Internet Marketing, I’ve spent a small fortune on many different online marketing training programs. However, before I get into the details of those 2 best free affiliate marketing training courses, let me explain why I recommend them.

I use an excellent password manager tool called Roboform, which acts a plugin to my web browser.  Every time I sign up to an online service, such as new paid or free affiliate marketing program, I securely save my login details into Roboform, as it’s impossible for me to keep track of the hundreds of websites I’ve signed up to.

Now, before writing this article today I decided to go through my Roboform history and check all the online marketing programs I’ve been a member of in the past 7 years. Surprisingly,  all but 2 websites were now working, or the web sites were still there but had not been updated for a very long time.

A great example was an online marketing membership system called PortalFeeder, which I was a member of for many years…. It was great (but expensive) at the time, however, one day it just stopped being supported and quickly became useless and out-of-date. The owners simply moved on to do new projects.

That’s only 2 active websites left from my Roboform marketing folder! By no coincidence, they are the same two websites I use daily today, which means I can recommend them both with integrity and honesty.

Note: My blog does not recommend anything that I have not actively used as part of my online business.

Let’s get started with the first best free affiliate marketing training program I can recommend, which is:

Affilorama Free Affiliate Marketing Training

My Affilorama membershipI have been an active member of Affilorama since 2008, however, I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so I’ve included a screenshot showing my membership sign-up date to Affilorama (21st November 2008).

Without a doubt, Affilorama offers the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training anywhere. The owner Mark Ling has continuously updated the training over the years.

Affilorama is now over 10 years old and still great, although without the same level of personal input Mark used to give in the earlier years. He now has a whole team of people supporting the website.

Click here to visit the free Affilorama training area

What Free Online Marketing Training does Affilorama Offer?

  • There are 100+ free video lessons, including lessons on:
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • eMail Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
    • Content Creation
    • Website Creation (in WordPress)
    • Market Research (finding a niche)
  • Included with the free lessons are lesson notes and downloadable PDFs which act as lesson books.
  • The ability to track your progress
  • You can access to Affilorama’s forums, one of the largest affiliate forums on the internet.
  • Various webinars and free ebooks.
Affilorama Free Affiliate Marketing Training Are
Affilorama Free Affiliate Marketing Training Area

The free Affiloroma training is superb, it’s very professional and easy to follow. You can track your progress by flagging lessons as complete, plus you can download PDF lesson notes.  I like to print the lesson notes off and add them to a file, as I find this easier to reference them later this way. Below is an example screenshot of one of the training videos in the free Affilorama training membership area.

A lesson on how to find affiliate programs
A lesson on how to find affiliate programs

I would say this training is aimed at beginners, through to intermediate level Internet Marketers.

Are There Any Paid Affilorama Memberships?

Yes, there are several premium services you can sign-up to, which I’ve listed below.  However, you do not need to pay anything if you just want the 100+ free training videos.

I’m a member of 2 premium Affilorama memberships, which are Affilorama Blueprint and AffiloJetPack. I was also an Affilorama Premium member before I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate, which I’ll talk about later.

My premium Affilorama Active Memberships
My premium Affilorama Active Memberships

Affilorama Premium Services

This article is about the best free affiliate marketing training, however, here are the currently premium membership offers and tools available from Affilorama which I should mention. I will discuss each product/membership in detail in separate articles, but in the meantime, feel free to click the links for further information.

Affilorama Blueprint (AffiloBlueprint) – A step-by-step complete course for making your first money online as an Internet Affiliate marketer.  AffiloBlueprint is currently on version 3.0 and it got me to the stage of where I made my first Clickbank sale. A wonderful course!

Affilorama JetPack (AffiloJetPack) – A complete range of done-for-you  niche affiliate website packages, including free web hosting, Affilotheme (a professional WordPress Theme), 100+ autoresponders, the best keywords, graphics, recommended affiliate programs, and a pack of 20 articles. It’s expensive but thoroughly worth every penny in my opinion as it will save you hundreds of hours of your time (time is definitely money in this business).

Affilorama Tools (AffiloTools)A complete suite of online marketing tools and website statistics for Internet Marketers, which is for free with certain other Affilorama memberships.

Affilorama WordPress Theme (AffiloTheme)A highly customizable and professional WordPress theme specifically aimed at affiliate websites. I use it on 2 of my website, for my others I use OptimizePress.

Affilorama Premium – A monthly membership package that includes a great online community, live affiliate training, free web hosting for 15 domains, access to the premium tools, and monthly PLR packs.  I was a member here before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, you can read why later on below.  This is a very good paid membership system and you can try it for only 1$ for a month.

Thank concludes my first recommendation for the best free affiliate marketing training, next up is…

Wealthy Affiliate Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Just like Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate offers free affiliate marketing training via their “Starter Membership”, as well as an upgraded premium membership at a monthly or annual cost.  The main difference is that the free training course is aimed at absolute beginners to affiliate marketing.  It runs at a slow and easy pace and is the best training of its kind for beginners.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 338,000 members on its online community, which is by far the best online community I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a member of. Looking at my stats, I’m ranked at just under 2,500 out of that 338,000, which I’m very pleased with.  I’m always on there helping out with questions and asking for feedback on my websites.

Click here to sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership

My Wealthy Affiliate Membership Stats
My Wealthy Affiliate Membership Stats

Just for the record, I took up the Wealthy Affiliate’s discounted trial of their premium membership and upgraded to annual membership after just 3 weeks… I was completely blown away by their community, training, and customer service. This community has now been established for over 10 years!

The Free Wealthy Affiliate Training Course

The Free Wealthy Affiliate training is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. The course will walk you through creating a successful online business step-by-step.  If you follow the training you are pretty much guaranteed to make some revenue. At list of the course lessons is provided below:

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership
Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership Level 1 Training

The level 1 starter membership will help you discover how to realize your potential as an online Internet Marketer and business owner. You also get free web hosting as part of your free membership, which means you don’t have to spend a penny to get started.

If you are new to Internet marketing, then I think the Wealthy Affiliate Level 1 course certainly ranks as the best free affiliate marketing training. I suggest you sign up for your free Wealthy Affiliate membership today.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

As I said earlier, I’m a fully paid-up annual member of Wealthy Affiliate, simply because it is (by far) the best membership system I’ve ever used.  I will produce a full detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate, but for now (as this article is about the best free affiliate marketing training), here is a summary of what the premium membership includes:

  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • LIVE weekly training (usually on Friday’s)
  • Brand new blog commenting system, where you can super-high quality comment on your blog posts
  • A private messaging system, including being able to follow other members (like Facebook)
  • Premium video training and courses
  • Unlimited high-speed professional web hosting for unlimited websites
  • Unlimited keyword searches using the Wealthy Affiliate search tool
  • You own personal Wealthy Affiliate Blog (allowing you to engage other members)
  • 24/7 Support (which is lighting-fast from my experience)
  • and much more!

It’s hard to choose between Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate, however as both offer great quality free training and tools, I suggest you give both a try. Affilorama got me started on my affiliate marketing journey, but Wealthy Affiliate has taken it to a new level.

Click here to visit the free Affilorama training area

Click here to sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership



Top 10 Content Marketing Tactics to Avoid

There are many great content marketing tactics that can draw visitors to your website that’s promoting your product or service. However, content marketing not done correctly can have an adverse effect on your target audience, meaning you will not achieve your traffic and/or sales goals.

It is vitally important that your content is written in a professional, accurate and entertaining manner. The content on your blog or website should be written in a way that you capture your audience’s interest by providing valuable content.

content marketing tacticsMost visitors to your website can spot a sales pitch, so don’t waste your time with long, drawn out sales pages. A visitor wants to feel valued, not treated like a potential cash machine, which is why the information you provide is vital your website’s success.

True content marketing tactics don’t involve rushed, poorly-written content, simply designed to make the visitor click an affiliate link, or purchase something from your website.

Let’s take a look at my 10 top content marketing tactics to avoid:

1. Posting Articles on Article Directories: A few years ago one of the top content marketing tactics was to publish lots of articles on various article directories, just for the sole purpose of getting backlinks to your website. Google has now blacklisted many of these article directories, simply because the content was very poor, often duplicated, plus many directories allowed any type of content, which could be damaging to link back to your site. It is much more effective to contact blog owners in your niche that already have high-quality content and ask if they will accept a guest blog post with a relevant backlink to your website.

2. Not Writing with a Goal in Mind: When writing an article, plan it with a goal in mind. Your article must answer provide valuable information to the reader. Does your article answer a question? Are you providing help with a specific problem? Engage your reader and make them interested in returning to your website, not trying to make a quick sale to them.

3. Not Offering Anything to the Potential Customer: Avoid creating a blog or website where you don’t have anything of value to offer to the potential buyer. If your ultimate goal is to sell something, have something of use to offer, but don’t blatantly write sales pitches. You need to earn your visitors trust first.

4. Blogging JUST to sell: To reiterate my above points, do not just create a blog just to sell. You must offer valuable content, internet users have become savvy over the years and they can spot a sales pitch a mile away.

5. Not Encouraging Comments: Your visitors should be encouraged to participate in a discussion. Replying to comments will engage your visitors, so make sure you actively take the time to reply. Google loves to see people engaging in feedback.

6. Boring People with Useless Facts: Tell a story, provide experiences, and provide help and advice. Facts bore people, even people looking for facts are probably bored too!

7. Not Using the Latest Technology: Technology is designed to help make your life easier, even with your content marketing tactics. Don’t be frightened of recording a video, creating infographics, or photo-shopping your website graphics. Putting multi-media and graphics on your website makes it more interesting to the potential visitor, providing more traffic. There are so many free training courses online, you’re sure to find something. Alternatively, enroll in a course.

8. Not Using Social Media Platforms: You must avoid only posting content on your own website or blog. Social Media is huge, make sure you create at least a Facebook and Twitter account related to your website or blog. Additionally you can use Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, and many other social media sites. Why do this? Because you will generate more viral and natural organic traffic, building a following of people in your niche, potentially leading to more sales. Additionally, make sure you have social share buttons on every page of your website or blog.

9. Too Much SEO: Some people spend so much time on their search engine optimization that they forget they are writing for humans, not search engines. Whilst SEO is an important content marketing tactic, overusing keywords in your articles and over-optimization will prove detrimental to your marketing efforts. Your visitors want well-written content, not keyword stuffed pages written purely for the likes of Google (who can usually detected pages written solely for SEO purposes anyway).

10. Reusing Content: Your posts must be original, nobody wants to read old or re-hashed content. Unique up-to-date content is what people want to read, plus original content keeps the search engines happy too!

To summarize, your content marketing tactics must be dynamic and you must go with the flow as technology changes. Learn to captivate your audience with intelligent, well-written, thoroughly researched and informative content. You must engage your reader, not try a blatant sales pitch, or bore them with useless facts. Make sure your content serves a purpose, it answers someone’s question and fulfills a goal.